Andrea Grant-Jones: Coach, Consultant, Author, Speaker, Facilitator.

I want to help women strengthen their leadership presence where they can lead from a place of authenticity. We start with where YOU are and work on where YOU would like to be.


My Personal Story

My journey was not an easy one. I struggled with fitting in the corporate culture, feeling that I would never be ENOUGH and underestimating my true potential. My days were filled with comparing myself to others from the minute I walked into the office until the minute I left. My light bulb moment came when I realized that being my best self was ENOUGH.

I spent countless hours on professional development, networking and self study. All my talents were now out for the world to see and it felt great! After realizing the perfect formula for success, I started sharing it with women, and that’s how the movement started. My mindset changed and so did the Leadership Game!

Now I’m a certified coach, speaker, consultant and my life has been dedicated to helping women, young girls and millennials lead authentically in and outside of the workplace. I offer a roadmap through my “Peak Performance Now” Coaching Program, 1-on-1 sessions, and workshops. My clients leave empowered, ready to harness their innate talents, passion and purpose, and strive to reach their leadership goals.

When I’m not coaching, speaking and working with clients from millennials to middle aged women. I volunteer in my local community, participate in many local charities, lead the youth choir, enjoy cooking up a storm, and squeezing in time for kick boxing. I live in Brampton, Ontario with my husband and 2 kids.

I am a member of United Way and Ellevate. In 2018 I was selected to be a Coach for Girls20 and have facilitated many programs for Trust 15. Community is an important part of the legacy that I would like to leave for my children and the next generation.

Here’s what some Leaders had to say.

  • Alicia Francis- Vaz

    Founder: I am Beautiful Workshops

    I am so grateful to have an amazing life coach. SINCE December @andreagrantjones push, motivate, and really made me think of not only new possiblities but she helped me break everything down...She made me Look at every corner and detail of the project at hand. God has placed @andreagrantjones in my life at such a time like this. I will admit I'm kind of a last minute person but with Andrea she taught me how to time block and how to make time for what matters most. Life coaches do work and they keep you on track... #lifecoach #makingmoves #iambeautiful #dieempty #walkinginpurpose #dothework. Reposted from Instagram - see the original.Mr. WordPress
  • Cheryl Noronha

    Director, Inside Sales

    Andrea is excellent at creating simplicity and efficiency in a complex environment, through organizational tools. Her coaching helped to create increased accountability for myself and my teams, which ultimately eases the management process. She provided a different perspective and a new way of looking at things. Showing is more impactful then just teaching and Andrea wasn't afraid to step in and lead by example. She is passionate and direct, and a great listener. Her coaching questions encourage you to come up with the solution. I think the biggest thing is really stepping in to actually demonstarting how it’s done with myself and/or my teams, which drives it home so much more then just telling someone what to do. Andrea really made a difference.Mr. WordPress
  • Gertrude Mendoza

    Senior Manager, Sales Development

    Andrea has helped me grow as a new leader. Being a new leader is not an easy feat and during that time where I was learning all the ropes, Andrea diligently worked with me on building a solid foundation of what it truly means to lead a sales team. I immediately noticed improvement with my team’s results! What makes her coaching/leadership style very effective is her ability to challenge your thinking in a way that motivates you to take action right away. She was able to build trust with me right away by being sincere and candid with the feedback she provides. She taught me the importance of being purposeful and more granular with my follow-up’s with the team, not only did it help raise the bar on my team’s performance, I now hold myself to a much higher standard and hope to inspire and motivate others around me the same way Andrea did for me. Thank you Andrea!Mr. WordPress
  • Mary Abajian


    “Thank you to my "Earth Angel" who is always helping her "Sisters" during times we need another soul to lift us and make us better human beings!! A BIG THANK YOU for putting such an amazing Girls Night In event together last night. I left feeling Empowered! Andrea You are truly an inspiration to so many of us !”Mr. WordPress
  • Miranda Lopiccolo

    Senior Manager Human Resources

    Teddy Roosevelt once said, “Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care” and I believe Andrea epitomizes this on a daily basis. Andrea has a wealth of knowledge around sales routines and sales business modelling. Knowledge aside, what makes her so impactful is that she genuinely cares about the success of the people she works with. She actively listens, she works with them and talks the talk and walks the talk which speaks to her credibility. She challenges people to stretch themselves daily and is there to celebrate their success. Everyone looks forward to Andrea’s visits as she brings such positive energy to any room she enters. Straightforward, honest and compassionate, Andrea wants you to achieve your best. Thank you Andrea for your collaboration and leadership.Mr. WordPress

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