“Coach on Stand-By”
Sounding Board Sessions

Ready to Level up

Ever wish you had a Coach at your fingertips?

Let me be your Virtual Coach to help you sharpen your Leadership skills and increase Sales Performance goals. These sounding board sessions are perfect for taking the time to flush out your ideas and strategies to uncover what is the best solution for you and your business.

We can role play sales scenarios to help build on your skills, brainstorm sales strategies to increase your sales capability via phone or face to face, and go through skill-build sessions to work with you on specific ideas that will get you where you need be.

Ready to sign up?

The Coach on Stand-By program is comprised of 6 one-hour-long sessions, which must be used within a 12 month period, so it’s perfect if you have an ongoing project or end of year target that you’re working towards.

Let’s discuss your most pressing need for improvement, your area where you would most like to grow, and I’ll get you there!