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PPN: Where Leaders are MADE

After working in the financial and insurance industry for 20 years, I saw hundreds of women just settle, when they had the ability to do so much more! I vowed that I would create a program that would embody understanding who you are as a Leader from the inside out, develop the core skills required to lead a high performing team and to create a blue print that will catapult women to the next level – where they were meant to be. Women have natural gifts of inclusion, connection, responsibility, and listening provide a strong basis for leadership that is nurtured through learning and action and I help out all those unique gifts!

What’s included?

PPN is our intensive VIP Coaching Program, so there’s a lot included in the package! The program takes place over 4-6 months and is made up of bi-weekly coaching sessions with me! You get individual coaching sessions from the convenience of your home or your location of choice and the program finishes with action steps to help you stay accountable to your goal.

Sessions will be jam packed with assessments, brainstorming, role playing, support, feedback and accountability designed to work with women on strengthening their leadership capability. We will work on strategies to take up space, challenge you not just to survive in the workplace but to thrive!

EQ-I Crash Course

If you’re interested in the Peak Peak Performance Now program but you just want to see what this whole coaching thing is all about first, you can sign up for an intensive 2 Hour Crash Course on Emotional Intelligence. Get a Leadership Assessment & Debrief, plus action steps on how to take your results and create leadership goals to work towards as part of the full PPN Program.

Ready to level up your career?

New Leaders

Whether you are on day 5 or day 55 as a Leader, PPN will help provide you with strategies and goals to prepare you for Unstoppable Leadership! Develop a plan to work on your sales coaching skills or your team’s sales gaps.

Established Leaders

Attention tenured Leaders – looking to find your passion again? If you are in a rut and need a dose of fresh ideas this program is for you. Ideal for Leaders who are innovative and creative. Let’s start the journey!


Are you looking to get to “Leadership status”? Newly hired as a Manager? Recently graduated and looking to prepare for the corporate world? This program is perfect for Millenials and young leaders early in their careers.

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